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  • Interactive Voting System Help 2,250 Participants of General Assembly of Judges Voting on 60 Bills
  • 2020-05-19

  • Application ScenarioVoting and election in Bulgarian Supreme Court Council General Assembly of Judges

    Meeting Title: Bulgarian Supreme Court Council General Assembly of Judges— Election of Council Members

    Participants : 2250 participants

    Meeting time: 10 June, 2017



    The Bulgarian Supreme Court Judges Conference is a large-scale meeting.  A total of 2,250 people participated in the meeting,  60 bills need to be voted  and all response data should be collected and counted in a short of time , which is a very difficult task. The organizer Borislav Ignatov hoped to cut the time for voting and facilitate the voting process and pay more attention to the meeting content. Because the previous years they spent too much time in the manual counting process, The result is excessive fatigue and the inability to concentrate on work.

    audience response system

    interactive response system


    Borislav Ignatov finally chose  SunVote Audience Response System to help him. Proof of fact,He made the right decision. Just within 60 seconds, they completed all response data collection and statistics of 60 resolutions votes , and successfully elected out the members of the board of directors. The 36mX72m 1st floor sports arena was fully covered by 6 large base stations and realized , the 2,250 votes were 100% collected, and the voting results were displayed in real time, which saved at least 5 hours compared to the original manual counting, greatly improve the meeting effectiveness. It was the first time that the conference adopted the SunVote audience response system for voting and data statistics. 

    audience response systems

    wireless voting system

    electronic voting system

    audience response solution

    Before the meeting, Borislav Ignatov worried about signal transmission distance and if the system will work properly and the collect rate will be 100%. Any error in any link can have a huge negative impact. However, to his surprise,the system worked well,everything went smoothly,  which greatly shortened the conference process, regulate procedure of the meeting, reduced the workload of manual sending and receiving votes and as well as counting votes, avoid human errors effectively.This meeting was also reported by the Bulgarian National TV News Channel.

    interactive voting system

    User Comments

    "Overall, SunVote Wireless Voting System was easy and quick, so that in a couple of hours all elections were done and the members were able to focus on the important topics and debate. SunVote system replaced all tedious manual paperwork and drastically reduced the cost of the meeting. The system worked dependably and the overall performance was great. Excellent product!" Borislav Ignatov said.

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