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  • SunVote Classroom Response System for K12 Schools
  • 2020-11-24
  • Application scenario: Classroom interaction and instant tests
    End User: Bay Primary School 
    Using time: 2018. 
    Place: South Africa
    Application solution: SunVote Easy Quiz System.

    The Bay Primary School in South Africa has a history of 20 years since its establishment. It is an ecological school dedicated to the development of education for sustainable development. It aims to provide students with a happy, relaxed and diversified learning environment, and to make the students the main body of the teaching process, as well as to encourage students to actively participate in class, cultivate students' exploration spirit and ability, and continuously improve the level of environmental education.

    Mrs Sandy Stones is a mathematics teacher in charge of teaching grade 6 students at Bay Elementary School, and a practitioner of Sustainable Development Education. She wants to find a teaching tool with good interaction, reliable performance and simple operation, aiming at improving student attendance, attracting students' attention, increasing engagement and creating an entertaining learning environment. At the same time, it can instantly assess students' learning, finding out knowledge gaps and improving teaching methods and teaching effects.

    "Student attendance is very important. When students are absent from class, they will miss important information that is vital to learning, such as important details about homework, potential syllabus, opportunities to ask questions, etc. Not to mention missing changes to the topic opportunities for in-depth understanding.“

    "For my mathematics class, I often feel distressed. Even though I work hard on the podium, some students always feel bored and absent-minded or doze off in class. The atmosphere in the classroom is dull. When I try to ask questions, only few students are willing to actively raise their hands to answer. It is difficult for me to understand the thoughts and opinions of all the students and judge whether they understand what I am teaching.”


    After comparing several student clicker suppliers, Mrs Sandy Stones finally chose SunVote Student Response System because of its superior performance, convenient operation and competitive price.

    Here below are some experience shared by Mrs Sandy Stones after adopting SunVote Classroom Response System. 

    "SunVote Classroom Response System is really amazing.  You can easily track students’ attendance without any administrative burden and quickly find out the students who skipped classes. More students are participating in my class, because they know that SunVote CRS will record their attendance and participation. 

    I often use CRS before each class to assess students’ understanding of the reading materials and their mastery of knowledge. From this, I can judge what needs to be emphasized in class and correct students’ misunderstandings on certain topics or concepts. By using SunVote Classroom Response System, it always helps me determining the key points of the lecture, and gaining insight into the areas that require more attention in the classroom.”

    "The SunVote Classroom Response System is really a good tool to mobilize the classroom atmosphere and efficiently evaluate students’ understanding because of its feature of collecting and counting students’ answers and displaying results in real time. 

    After teaching a key point of knowledge, I usually use SunVote system to start a quiz in class, and pre-set the correct answer for each question, while students submit their answers anonymously or onymously with their clickers, which increases the choice of using results in the classroom. Once the quiz is over, the correct answer rate and each student’s answer can be obtained immediately. If most of the students answer correctly, then I will quickly turn to the next knowledge point. Otherwise, I will adjust my teaching process and give a more detailed explanation of the concept. 

    Besides, I usually start interactive games to encourage all students to actively participate in classroom learning and focus their attention, and further promote classroom discussion, debate and collaborative learning. Each student can actively express their opinions without reserve, especially for those students who are introverted or shy.”

    "At the end of one class session, I usually give students a set of questions as homework and ask them to complete before the next class session. Students can bring their own clicker back home and enter the answer to each question at their own pace in offline mode. When they return to the classroom the next day and I connect the receiver to the system, the answer results stored on the student clickers would be automatically uploaded to the system after students turn on their clickers. Then I send correct answers to the clickers, so that students can proofread the answers by themselves. It could effectively help students better understand their own knowledge mastery and increase content retention, and could also help me to save a lot of energy and time in grading. 

    One more powerful function of the system is that the records of all the questions answered will be automatically saved and uploaded to the cloud, and multi-dimensional analysis reports auto-generated by the system, like individual and class learning reports for our future learning analysis, research and teaching improvement.”


    User Comments

    "Since using SunVote Student Response System, I have seen an improvement in students’ performance. I believe that a large part of this learning growth is the result of instant feedback. Teaching and Learning are more interesting than before. All of students are actively participating in my class now. It's really great!"

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