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  • SunVote Student Response System Helps Students to Express Their Voice
  • 2020-11-24
  • Application scenario: Class Quizzes 
    End User: Cruzeiro do Sul Educational
    Using time: Using from June of 2018. 
    Application solution: SunVote Easy Quiz System.


    Established in 1965, Cruzeiro do Sul Educational with 54 years' history is the largest university education group in Brazil. 

    Jone is the teacher of this university and there are 50 students in his class. He was looking for a response technology to engage all the students in his class and make every student express their voice, and quickly evaluate the progress of their learning. 
    In his previous classes, he usually polled some questions and asked students to answer them verbally or by raising their hands. But he found that students are not always keen to answer questions in the classroom when teaching topics with which they may be less familiar, especially the shy students who were reluctant to speak out in front of a room full of their peers due to their relative lack of knowledge.


    In June, 2018, Jone introduced the SunVote Student Response System to his class. He found that it gave confidence to the minority, especially the students who are shy. Students show more interests in his courses and are more willing to express their voice with student clickers, which fully enhances the interaction between him and his students and also further promotes in-class discussion.

    “SunVote Student Response System allows students to answer questions anonymously, so that they are not afraid to answer questions anymore because they can only see the statistics of the different answers, but not the individuals who gave the answers. Everyone was involved in my class and kept their attention. ”


    “Before class, I prepare the courseware as usual in my presentation file, and spare no much time to set up the SunVote Easy Quiz solution in my class. It’s really intuitive and easy to install and operate!”

     “ During class, after teaching a knowledge point or chapter, I usually raise several questions and ask the students to answer them with their voting clicker. The Student Response System collects all polling data automatically and generates the result charts such as bar chart or pie chart in real time. 
    In this way, I can identify how many students have understood what I have taught and adjust my teaching plans to adapt to students’ need timely. 

    All students can see the results immediately, so they can clearly know their own learning situation. When there are disagreements on the results, we will proceed on-site discussion and exchange opinions with each other. 

    SunVote Student Clicker is such a great tool to help engaging students and create interesting debates during class.” 

     “After class, all response data is automatically saved and is written into the computer database storage, easy to do in-depth analysis after class. Since each student's answer will be recorded, I can also use it to establish a student's learning history, long-term tracking student learning situation for short-term and long-term academic analysis.”

    User Comments 

    "SunVote Student Response System is simply amazing and incredible! I used it in three different classes and it was all okay!! The students all liked it... easy and practical... My class turns much better with a SunVote tool...”                                                                                                                         

     _  Jone from Cruzeiro do Sul Educational


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