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  • SunVote Interactive Learning System for Mine Safety Training
  • 2020-11-24
  • Application Scenario: Interactive Learning System for mine safety training
    Time & Place: 2020, Africa
    Participants: 10 participants 


    The mining industry has been facing safety challenges for decades. Accidents and injuries in the workplace not only damage mine workers, and also cause huge losses to a company, as well as damage the company's reputation. However, effective mine safety training can improve retention of information, increase knowledge and help mine workers apply what they’ve learnt to their everyday activities, as well as help them to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. In the meantime, by measuring these factors, companies can identify areas that need improvement and fix them in the future to improve safety and reduce the cost of injury to the business.

    Nowadays, more and more laws require mine operators to provide initial safety and health training to all new mine workers. Specialty training is required for certain jobs, such as electricians, and for specific situations, such as working at a new task. Emergency preparedness and response training is also required. 

    However, when it comes to training, there are always the following challenges:

    How to engage trainees in real time and increase knowledge retention?

    Mine workers who need training are usually adults and they are less motivated to participate in training. When they are studying, they can’t focus on a certain content and listen carefully for a long time. At the same time, their memory ability declines and it is difficult for them to retain the knowledge learned from existing training materials. 

    How to instantly assess every trainee's understanding and improve training efficiency?

    In traditional training sessions, only a small group of trainees were called to have chances to answer questions, and the lecturer could get only a few feedback and learning situations in a limited time. 

    After the training, it usually takes a few hours or longer to score all of trainees’ knowledge and evaluate training effects. 

    SunVote Interactive Learning System is a great tool to create a relaxed training and learning atmosphere, to fully engage trainees and to instantly assess the trainees' knowledge level and training effectiveness. Here below are some experiences from the training manager XX who responsible for the safety training for the mine XX.

    "I conducted a simple test before the class for ten mine workers who will participate in the training. By this pre-assessment I quickly captured the group's basic knowledge and skill level. Then I could spend more time on the topics that the trainees feel interested in and explain more on difficult points. It is really helpful for us to prepare courseware better.”

    "During training, I play question slides by the MS PowerPoint after teaching a certain knowledge point while our trainees answer these questions with their voting keypads. The response data is 100% collected in a few seconds, and the voting results are displayed on the PC and big screen immediately for everyone to see. It helps us to capture everyone’s attention, assess understanding instantly. According to the trainees’ feedback I can timely adjust the teaching schedule and teaching plan. The trainees also show more interest in our training sessions and they are willing to share their views and opinions during the course. 

    I believe that it does greatly enhance the mine workers’ confidence and increase knowledge retention since they could well understand their own learning status in a non- threatening environment.” 

    "At the end of the training course, I usually use SunVote Audience Response System to invite the trainees give an appraisal on my training contents, style or other aspects. They can also weigh which training programs are valuable to them, and even put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions on my training courses, which is very meaningful for me to improve the training program. 

    One of the advantages of SunVote system is that it can be randomly assigned and voting without an account. It does not record any identity information of the trainees and is completely anonymous. In this way, trainees can respond without any pressure and burden, so the real-time feedback we obtained is more real and candid. “

    User Comments:
    “SunVote Interactive Learning System brings a great success in my mine training course. It makes our training sessions more interesting, and makes the training assessment much easier and effective. I'd like to say SunVote is easy to use and also very reliable! Our mine workers and I all like it!”                         _Training manager XX from XX

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