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  • SunVote Interactive Learning System for Staff Trainings
  • 2020-11-24
  • Challenge:

    Regularly organizing employee training and evaluating training effectiveness is HR's monthly routine work, with 30 to 50 trainees, and up to three times a month. The intention is to evaluate the trainees’ satisfaction with the lecture and their mastery of business knowledge and skills, and to analyze the training deficiencies according to the evaluation results. Then it helps to improve the content and quality of the teaching, at the same time, to identify the staff with poor performance in the training, and retrain them until they really master it.
    In the past, the HR training manager need always conduct paper questionnaires to collects the views and opinions of trainees and to track their performance, which is time-consuming and error prone as additional time needs to be spent on paper scoring and manual statistics. It is difficult to evaluate and track training effectiveness in real time!


    SunVote Interactive Learning System helps to solve training evaluation problems, and to improve the efficiency of the training evaluation. Adopting it, questionnaire surveys, scoring and marking papers can be completed in ten minutes while traditionally it should take one night to complete. How does this achieve?


    First of all, SunVote Interactive Learning System is seamless integrated into MS PowerPoint. It only takes 10 minutes for operator to learn how to use it like editing polling questions, setting feedback data statistics rules, preparing voting devices (you can also call it voting clicker) according to the number of trainees, and then check the battery and communication status of each voting device.

    At the beginning of the training, you can start a quiz after completing the courseware presentation, and play interactive polling slides with ease, while the staff presses the voting clicker to answer the questions, then the system automatically collects answer results in only a few seconds and displays in real time. In this way, you can easily assess trainees’ understanding and push the training towards the correct way. 

    In addition, anonymous response mode can be set to get real and candid feedback from the trainees and urge the HR to optimize the content of the course.

    Next, you can use SunVote Interactive Learning System to evaluate training effectiveness.

    Presetting score rules and qualified scores, and also taking the onymous voting mode... A test with 20 questions, from answering the questions to scoring, can be completed within 10 minutes. Team or individual ranking, individual and overall achievements can be obtained instantly. You can print the reports on site and let staff sign to confirm...

    No need to print and mark the papers, save a lot of time and energy, simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly!

    "With SunVote Interactive Response System, in addition to staff training and assessment, you can also conduct employee satisfaction surveys, knowledge contests, interactive voting..., it is definitely worth to have!"

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