• Q1 : How to do keypad match?
  • A: In order to ensure the communication between keypads and base station will not be effected by other ARS systems. Only after keypad matches with base station, keypads could talk with base station. Please make sure your PC have SunVote ARS Tool kit installed, and then follow the user guide of your model to do keypad match.
  • Q2 : How can I change the channel of a keypad when its base station is in a new one?
  • A: In match mode, when we change the channel of a base station, all its matched keypads will follow its new channel in 10 seconds and re-connect automatically, so no need to change channel on keypads one by one.
  • Q3 : Once match is done, do I need to do it again next time?
  • A: Once keypad is matched to a base station, keypad will keep it forever, no need to match again, they can talk to each other directly. But when you match this keypad to another base station, then it will keep the new one and disconnect with the old one.
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