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  • SunVote Student Clicker world tour- 2019 Thailand Infocomm
  • 2019-06-28
  • According to the latest forecast from the AVIA's "AV Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis" (IOTA) global summary released by AVIXA in 2018, the global market value of the professional audiovisual industry will increase from $186 billion in 2018 to 2023. $230 billion. By then, Asia's global professional audiovisual market share will be close to 100 billion US dollars, and education audio-visual, will also become one of the most demanding branches.


    As an established "Audience Response System" manufacturer, SunVote has been developing and advancing with the times over the past 21 years. Whether it is the upgrading of technology and equipment, or the development of channels and markets, it is close to customers and is connected to the world. An indispensable element in the journey. Recently, InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 (2019 Thailand International Professional Audiovisual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition) was held at the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center in Bangkok. The SunVote team leaped 2,000 kilometers and took an Audience Response System. Among them, the Student Clicker with exquisite appearance and outstanding performance has been spotted by many customers and placed order on the spot, becoming the new favorite of the education audio-visual industry!

    It is reported that this exhibition is hosted by InfoCommAsia and is the fifth exhibition project launched by InfoCommAsia after successfully holding a series of exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region. During the three-day exhibition period from May 15th to 17th, a total of 120 exhibitors participated. The Audience Response System exhibited by SunVote Team included several kinds of Electronic technology products Classroom Clickers, Voting Pads and Voting Devices. Its stylish and refined appearance immediately attracted the attention of many customers.

    The exhibition site was full of activity and overwhelmed with client’s inquiries.  careful explanation and patient demonstration, the SunVote team are very busy, especially in the Classroom Response System demonstration process, the customer is easily convinced by the efficient and intelligent of the Student Clicker.

    ▲ SunVote team and partners

    The unique vision can always win the favor of the market, professional service can always gain the trust of customers. Among the 120 exhibitors at this exhibition, SunVote is the only manufacturer to display the Student Clicker, Voting Pad and Voting Device product solutions, and its precise exhibition strategy quickly worked.

    A Thai education equipment integrator visited and consulted several booths and compared them. It was finally attracted by SunVote's series of Classroom Clickers and professional service attitudes.

    After communication, it was found that the company had cooperated with other Student Clicker manufacturers, but found that the price and quality of the company was low during the cooperation process, and the company is currently docking more than one hundred educational audio-visual projects, if A company with quality, service and cost-effective cooperation will be a win-win situation. After a clear understanding of the customer's demands, the SunVote team quickly selected and exhibited in several types of exhibiting equipment. The professional service attitude and good product demonstration impressed the customer. The representative of the Thai integrator immediately decided to purchase a batch of Classroom Clicker samples and bring to the company for trial use, and said that it will continue to maintain close contact with SunVote.


    God reward those who work hard, and good things always come in pairs. Shortly after the departure of the educational equipment integrator in Thailand, the SunVote booth welcomed a laboratory equipment dealer from the Philippines. After communication, it was learned that this distributor cooperates with a number of educational institutions, and some of them have just need a Student Clicker, and they hope to find a suitable Classroom Clicker manufacturer to cooperate to strengthen their business system.Through the patient and professional explanation and demonstration of the SunVote team, the Filipino dealer team was also impressed and immediately purchased a certain number of Student Clickers. Faced with such a warm and professional team, good-looking and easy-to-use products, customers have all thumbs up and said: we finally found a suitable partner!

     ▲ SunVote team and partners

    In addition to the SunVote Student Clicker in the exhibition, the government and enterprise customers who consulted on the Voting Pad and the Voting Device came one after another. Three days and nights, 120 booths, and more than 10,000 people flowed in, In the SunVote booth, dozens of integrators and distributors purchased trials, and hundreds of integrators and distributors consulted and cooperated.... In May, in Bangkok, which is known as the "City of Angels", it has a different kind of prosperity. In the face of Asian professional audiovisual billions of dollars in market volume, SunVote is quietly forge ahead and sailing forward!

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