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Audience Response Clickers for Corporate Trainings
  • Voting Keypad
  • Student Clicker
  • Election Machine
  • SunVoteVoting Clicker M30
    Voting Clicker M30
      Key Function
  • Single choice/Multiple choice/Priority rank/ Judge
  • For/Against/Abstain – 3 key vote
    • Key Performance
  • 2.4G RF technology
  • <50M Reliable Distance
  • >150HourW orking Hour
  • <400 Voters
  • 80 Channels
  • 2*CR2032 Button Battery
    • Interactive Clicker Applications
  • Audience Response Clicker is suitable for various training occasions, such as CME, medical symposium, physician & hospital leadership seminars, medical practice staff meetings, human resources training and so on.
  • Typical Cases
  • Voting Clicker M30 is our smallest, lightest, and most budget-friendly model. It has simplify functions, suits questions within 5 options, and the signal distance increase to 50m, more stable and reliable. Ideal for CME, medical training sessions and human resources training.

  • Interactive Response Solution
    Interactive Response Solution

    Interactive Voting System for Training Sessions

    Users of SunVote Interactive Clickers covered over 80 countries. Meet the need of CME, human resources training, medical training sessions and so on. SunVote Voting Clickers provide different voting forms with the types of questions like choice, priority rank and judge to collect the real feedback of audience and quickly test and evaluate the trainees' knowledge level, and gauge the effectiveness of trainings.

  • Audience Response Software
    Audience Response Software

    Audience Response System- ARS PPT

    SunVote ARS PPT is a software integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, it is used with Audience Response Clickers. SunVote Audience Response System is secure and easy to use, support 11 languages under windows environment. You may edit types of questions like choice, priority rank, vote and score in PPT to meet the need of audience response and interaction for all kinds of training occasions.

  • Audience Response System Pack
    Audience Response Clickers Packages

    Audience Response Clickers Packages

    The Audience Response System consists of Voting Clickers, receiver, software, and carry bag. The receiver adopts 2.4G RF technology, with the capacity of 400 Voting Clickers for single receiver and can extend the capacity by linking multiple receivers in cascade. It's used in any area without any network, wiring and construction requirements. The hardware is put in different capacity carry bag for daily use and management.

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