How to efficiently hold your meetings with electronic voting systems within Covid 19 period?

With the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic, in order to ensure public health safety, many traditional face-to-face meetings can no longer be held in the traditional way of gathering hundreds of people. During the pandemic, it is particularly important to speed up the voting process and reduce the meeting time, since reducing the contact between people are effective measures to avoid public health disasters at present. However, in traditional meetings, even small meetings may be hindered by inefficiency and boredom. The meeting time usually takes one or two days, while voting usually takes several hours to complete. Printing, distribution and manual calculation of paper ballots, as well as the possibility of recalculating votes due to data errors, will extend the meeting time again. In addition, with the increase in the number of participants in meetings, the complexity of counting votes will also increase. The speed, efficiency, and ease of use of voting have become more and more important. How to organize the conference and vote in a safe and efficient way has become a big challenge for the current conference organizers.

"We know very well that it is absolutely unsafe to gather hundreds of people in the traditional way and hold meetings during the pandemic, and it can easily lead to public health disasters.  Our owners like participating in condominium meetings and voting on the spot. But they hope to complete voting and meetings in the shortest time to ensure safety, so we can’t just cancel all meetings, we need to find a way for owners to participate in meetings safely. However, in the past, when we held a meeting of 300 owners, it usually takes 2-3 hours to complete all registration work and the entire process from starting voting to the output of the voting result report usually takes 4-5 hours. The efficiency is extremely low, which makes me very distressed, because this will not be practicable at all during the pandemic. We are trying to find a way to hold meetings that are similar to the usual ones but can speed up the owner's registration and voting process and hold meetings in the shortest time. “

With the help of SunVote’s dedicated electronic voting system, any voting meeting can be made fast, simple, and safe. A complete audience response system for condominium meetings consists of two sub-systems, the sign-in system and the wireless electronic voting system, which can not only help speed up the registration and voting process, shorten the meeting period, and solve the public health problems caused by the pandemic. It also showed a new way of holding a condominium meeting or homeowner associations’ annual Meeting.

"Before using the SunVote electronic voting system, I always worried that there would be some challenges when using the electronic voting system: how to maintain COVID-19 safety precautions? How to cover large venues with a reliable radio frequency signal? How to ensure that the voting data is accurate? But the facts later proved that my worries were completely redundant. SunVote electronic voting system was indeed an excellent feedback tool, simple, reliable, accurate and easy to use, and our meetings were able to be held quickly and successfully.

How to use SunVote electronic voting system to efficiently organize a condominium meeting?

1. Choose a suitable meeting venue
First of all, in order to reduce the close contact between people, it is necessary to ensure that the meeting will be held in a large enough space or multiple rooms, and thoroughly disinfect and clean the venue in advance, and maintain a distance of at least 1.5m between chairs. You also need to check the body temperature for all participants and ask everyone to wear a mask in advance. Besides, all voting keypads also need to be thoroughly cleaned in advance before being distributed to each participant.

In some large conference rooms, open outdoor venues and even garages and multiple meeting rooms, can SunVote wireless electronic voting system reliably collect all the voting data? The answer is yes. SunVote electronic voting system is deployed wirelessly, no WiFi and network needed, easy to install and manage, suitable for any venue. You only need to prepare a computer and install the electronic voting software on it, edit the confirmed agendas and import shareholders and proxy information by the audience polling software and connect the receiver in advance. After the electronic voting keypads are distributed to each participant, you can start voting within one minute. There is no need to print and distribute paper ballots before the meeting, which saves time, energy, cost, and also environmentally friendly. When the meeting will be held in multiple rooms, SunVote electronic voting system with 80 channels and one-click channel shifting mechanism ensure the signals of each conference room do not interfere with each other and the data is 100% reliable.

2. Register owners

With SunVote electronic voting system, you can quickly verify the identity of the owner and agent according to the ID of each owner, and quickly bond the identity and weight of the owner through the unique electronic voting keypad ID/SN, no need to manually verify the identity and weights of each owner. If there are a large number of owners participating in the meeting, you can set up multiple registries at the same time to distribute the traffic of participants to speed up the registration process. By using SunVote electronic voting system, you can register an owner in only 2-5 seconds, and complete the registration work within 30 minutes for any scale, which usually takes several hours to complete. SunVote wireless audience polling system greatly shortens the registration time and improves the efficiency of registration.

3. Start voting

After the presenter clearly explained the voting instructions and brief training, each owner can use his own voting clickers to vote on each discussed proposal. There is an obvious Yes/no/abstain mark on the response clicker, and the owners can submit their votes with handheld voting clickers. During the voting process, you can modify the voting options repeatedly and the voting result is subject to the last submitted data. When the vote is submitted successfully, the screen of electronic voting keypads will display "OK" for you to confirm. It is very simple and easy to use.

4. Collect voting results
When the voting is stopped, the voting results of each resolution can be displayed on the computer and projection equipment. The number of votes for, against, abstain, and whether the resolution is passed or rejected is clear at a glance for all people on the spot to view. The voting data of hundreds of owners can be reliably collected within just 10 seconds. SunVote wireless electronic voting system adopts 2.4GHz radio frequency technology, mathematically verified algorithms and two-way communication verification technology to ensure the voting data is 100% accurate. Compared with the previous paper voting method, wireless electronic voting system greatly saves the labor and material costs required for paper voting, and completely avoids the time required for recounting the votes due to manual calculation errors, further speeding up the voting process.

5. Export detailed results report 

After the meeting, SunVote wireless audience polling system automatically generates multi-dimensional detailed reports in PDF format (sign-in and sign-out reports, roll call reports, resolutions reports and proxy detailed reports), you can export and print these reports for auditing and archiving purpose, no need to manually transcribe and verify data.

"SunVote electronic voting system is amazing. It helped me to hold meetings faster and more efficiently during the pandemic. The system greatly shortens the meeting and voting time, especially for owners’ registration, simple and efficient. We registered 300 owners in 20 minutes, which needed about 1-2 hours before, and public health safety was ensured without changing the current meeting process. Although online voting has become a mainstream trend due to COVID-19, I think face-to-face meetings can engage all owners and mobilize their enthusiasm and positivity, and the owners are more willing to see the voting results on the spot. We don’t know how long the epidemic will last, but I think the electronic voting system is the best way to hold face-to-face meetings.”

SunVote has focused on electronic voting for 23 years and is committed to providing global users with professional audience response system solutions and electronic voting keypads, as well as professional services of purchase, customization, and secondary development. Nowadays, SunVote products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world and used by 10 million users. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and simple voting system for your meetings or events, SunVote is the perfect product for you.

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