Regional / County / City / Municipal councils are the legislative bodies that govern a local government area. The council meetings are very important government decision-making meetings and are held almost once a month. When it comes to resolution voting and candidate election, the vote result is what ultimately matters. However, in traditional voting methods, such as show of hands voting or paper-based voting, they always face following challenges:

  • 1. By traditional paper voting or raising hands voting, it’s always time-consuming and error prone to manually count the votes and compile the result reports. How to speed up votes counting and automate results reporting, in order to keep the meeting running efficiently?
  • 2. Councilors need to wait till next day to view all the voting results and meeting minutes, causing the doubts of changing votes after the meeting, which will affect the authenticity and accuracy of the voting results. How to enable transparency of the voting and decision making process?
  • How we help

    SunVote City Council Voting Solution, combining by wireless voting keypads & receiver & dedicated SunVote software, can accurately and reliably collect and aggregate votes, pass/reject motions and provide detailed reports from attendance to voting & election results. You can turn a two-day meeting filled with tension into a quick and relatively painless one-day or less process. With it the voting process become more efficient, transparent and auditable!

      1 Meeting management
  • Instantly create meeting file and voting resolutions.
  • Easily import & manage councilors & candidates list.
  • Meeting agendas can be displayed on screen for browsing collectively, ensuring a smooth and controllable meeting process.
      2 Councilors sign-in
  • Before voting start, councilors press “sign-in” to quickly register and administrator easily check whether it meets the Quorum or not. Legal compliance!
      3 Resolution voting
  • Support onymous, anonymous, open and secret voting modes.
  • Individual voting details are visible in onymous voting, while overall voting results are obtainable in anonymous voting, providing a clear view and transparency to the voting process!
  • Voting results can be collected and counted within 10 seconds, avoiding invalid votes and promoting councilors to discuss & make decisions on site. No manual error & time saving!
      4 Committee Election
  • Candidates name list can be downloaded to each voting keypad before meeting. When voting started, councilors just need to tick the names they prefer to elect and submit them in batch. Election results can be gained and displayed immediately. No repeat or missing votes!
      5 Reports tabulating
  • Voting reports in regulated format for each agenda or resolution can be generated automatically. Support self-customizing city council’s logo, watermark, footer & header in the report templates. Voting reports can be printed onsite for confirmation and signature by councilors and auditors, and then can be published on the council’s website on time. No dispute and ensuring a fairer process!
    Why SunVote
    • Legal Compliance
    • Developed with reference to the "Local self-government Law" / "On the Status of Deputies of Local Councils" in different countries.
    • Secure & Reliable
    • Based on independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism, encrypted transmission, secure & reliable!
    • Easy to Use 丨 Efficiency
    • ● Application functions designed based on the voting procedure of county / city council’s meeting.
      ● Accessible user interfaces and intuitive operations for both administrators and councilors.
      ● Save >80% time and costs on votes counting & reports tabulating
    • Market Approved
    • Widely and successfully used by local governments in Poland, Ukraine, Czech, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Switzerland etc. Over 1000 county / city councils.
    • Personalized Customization
    • Support languages localization and functions fast developing, well meet the habits of local users
    Proper models
  • Electronic Voting Keypad
  • E11 Plus
  • Data Receiver
  • EA4000T
  • Voting Software
  • SunVote EVS for City Councils
  • Charging Box
  • 50BP
  • Who trust us
  • Electronic Voting System Simplify Your City Council Voting and Election
    SunVote electronic voting system help to simplify your city council voting and election, optimize the voting procedure and speed up votes collection, improve the efficiency of the meeting .
  • Successful application of SunVote electronic voting system in Chenzhou Municipal People's Congress
    On the morning of January 10, 2017, the first meeting of the fifth Chenzhou Municipal Peoples Congress ended in Tian Han grand theater. The meeting adopted the SunVote wireless electronic voting system and passed on a number of resolutions by the way of e
  • SunVote electronic voting system appeared in Zhejiang Sanmen County People's Congress
    At the 5th meeting of the 15th peoples Congress of Sanmen,zhejiang , the first use of electronic voting machines make people a bright. The electronic voting device is not only simple and convenient, but also makes the voting process more democratic, trans
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