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  • SunVote 2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Contact Letter
    The Chinese New Year Holiday Contact LetterDear Customers,Thank you for your trust and support for SunVote. At the beginning of 2022 New Year, SunVote Team wishes you A Happy Spring Festival and Happy Family!Meanwhile, SunVote hopes to bring you more satis…
  • Notice Regarding The Conformity Test Result
    Dear valued customers, We would like to inform you that the equipment of which Communications Conformity Assessment Center has been revoked (refer to the table below) are verified to meet the technical regulations, such as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) or…
  • SunVote Audience Response Solutions for Corporate Meeting
    Founded in 1998,SunVote is a technology innovator specializing in research, production, sales and service of Audience Response Solutions for corporate applications. SunVote core technology team from the National University of Defense Technology of China,
  • SunVote Clicker アンサーパッド開発及び生産販売、販売/レンタル/カスタマイズ/二次開発サービスを提供します
    SunVote Student Clicker for Education(アンサーパッド|教室アンケートシステム)開発及び生産販売、販売/レンタル/カスタマイズ/二次開発サービスを提供します。教育分野のアンケートシステム利用は下記になります。?教室短時間アンケート:アンケート、評価、早押しゲーム…
  • SunVote Voting Keypad イベント会場双方向投票システム
    SunVote Voting Keypad アンサーパッド開発及び生産販売、販売/レンタル/カスタマイズ/二次開発サービスを提供します。アンサーパッドの利用分野は下記になります。?会社会議?研修評価?イベント現場アンケート?会社イベント行事弊社がグルバールのお客様に、便利な高品質の
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  • How to efficiently hold your meetings with electronic voting systems within Covid 19 period?
    With the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic, in order to ensure public health safety, many traditional face-to-face meetings can no longer be held in the traditional way of gathering hundreds of people. During the pandemic, it is particularly important to s…
  • what are the necessary components in a modern electronic voting system?
    With the development of modern science and technology,information technology has been integrated into all walks of life. As analternative and improvement to traditional voting work, the electronic votingsystem for meetings (also can be called city council …
  • how much do student response systems cost?
    When therestriction of traditional education forms on students creative thinkingability has become more and more obvious, the educators urgently need to guidestudents education from "passive acceptance" to "activeexploration". Nowadays,…
  • classroom audience response system makes learning more exciting and fun!
    With the development of educationinformatization, the traditional teaching method has been questioned, more andmore schools introduced smart teaching tools or equipment to create aninteractive classroom environment. However, due to the limitations of funds…
  • Interactive Student Response System - The Magic Tool for Peer-to-peer Teaching
    Nowadays, it is an inevitable trend to equip a Student Response System as a teachers teaching tool in the classrooms of major colleges and universities. This is especially the case when interactive whiteboards, short-throw projection screens, touch-screen
  • Student Clickers for Classroom Test & Stage Exam, Help Teachers Solve the Problem of Grading Papers
    Reviewing the previous examination methods : From a pen, a test paper, a group of students bending over the desk and writing , the teacher collects test papers for manual correction, to an answer sheet , a scoring machine, students fill scantron, scoring
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