SunVote interactive response system engage onsite audience and maximize your seminars effect!

SunVote interactive response system allows you to shake off inefficient, cumbersome, and low-security traditional voting methods. Whether you want to start a seminar with simple interactive questions or want to understand the views of participants before making decisions or facilitate group discussions and debates, SunVote interactive response system can help you easily achieve it. Through on-site real-time interactive voting, encouraged the participants actively join in the meeting, collect their real and candid opinions, and immediately get voting results and multi-dimensional analysis reports, and improve the interactive experience and meeting efficiency!

The 12th Cardiology Symposium was successfully held in South Africa. 144 people attended the meeting and express their views by using the voting pad. When the speaker raises an interactive poll, each participant directly presses the button on the voting pad to vote. In less than a minute, the voting result was displayed on the large screen in the venue in real time. Throughout the meeting process, SunVote interactive response system runs smoothly, fast, efficiently, and highly stable, with no signal delay or blockage, ensuring the smooth progress of the meeting.

1. Increase audience engagement and capture audience attention

During the meeting, it is difficult for the audience to maintain a high degree of concentration, especially when the content is boring. The audience is prone to distraction, dozing off, playing with mobile phones, whispering, and being unable to focus on the content of the meeting. With SunVote interactive response system, the speaker on the stage can show the questions prepared in advance, and pose a question at any time during the meeting, and encourage the audience to use the voting pad to vote, so as to attract their attention. the seemingly simple button voting actually requires thinking and judgment. When the audience starts to think, it will naturally stop being distracted.Compared with traditional seminars, what are the highlights of seminars using SunVote interactive response system?

2. Anonymous voting, making the voting results more real and objective

In the past, the raising of hands or paper questionnaires could not achieve complete anonymity. Audiences tend to have a herd mentality and are easily influenced by people around them.  SunVote interactive response system allows the audience to freely use the voting pad to anonymously express their views and opinions without being afraid of being judged, and without affecting other personnel, so the organizers can get more honest and accurate feedback.

3. Real-time voting results and reports, saving time and cost

Traditional paper voting not only requires printing and distributing a large number of paper questionnaires but also requires lots of workers to manually count votes. moreover, the voting results are also prone to errors and cannot be immediately displayed on the screen. SunVote interactive response system replaces manual counting and automatically collects and counts the votes, and displays the voting results on the big screen in real time. From the start of voting to the display of the voting results, it can be completed in just a few minutes. The results are accurate and the efficiency is greatly improved. There is no need to manually print, distribute, collect, and count questionnaires, saving manpower and material cost. After the meeting, the multi-dimensional analysis report in Excel format can be printed out, which is convenient for subsequent data analysis on major changes.

4. Itemized comparison of voting results

SunVote interactive response system can support group comparison of voting results, and can display different feedbacks of different groups on similar issues, which facilitates subsequent analysis of differences between groups' views, group discussions or debates, and guides relevant decision-making.

5. Easy-to-use impromptu questioning function

SunVote interactive response system is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, you can make it easy to create interactive and interesting slideshows. The speaker can quickly insert voting slides during the meeting and collect audience feedback data in real-time. Even if an unplanned topic is mentioned, it will not be subject to the preset list of questions and can ask questions at any time, which is more flexible.

Whether it is a seminar with tens of people or thousands of people, the simple, easy-to-use, and reliable SunVote interactive response system is your best choice!

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