SunVote Audience Polling System Streamlines Your Shareholders Meetings and Transform Result Efficien

In the past, manual vote counting was commonly used at shareholder meetings with several hundred attendees. This method usually leads to inefficiency and potential errors, such as the need to calculate according to the number of shares held by each shareholder, which is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Additionally, due to the inability to generate real-time voting results for shareholders to view on-site, voting results may be challenged or even lead to legal disputes. In order to vote conveniently, quickly and safely, further protect shareholder voting privacy and data security, and improve voting accuracy, the Nigerian Shareholders meeting has introduced SunVote’s advanced audience polling system. 

During the meeting with 100 shareholders, the entire process from sign-in to voting was fully paperless, enabling efficient full-process services such as “pre-meeting preparation - shareholder registration and electronic sign-in - attendance data statistics - electronic voting and automatic vote counting – instant voting results - automated audit reports”. This electronic voting method not only saves cost and is environmentally friendly, but also greatly improves meeting efficiency. 

Different from previous paper ballots, using SunVote audience polling system, each shareholder attending the meeting will be provided with a handheld voting clicker allowing them to easily complete voting, including three-key voting of “agree/disagree/abstain”, voting by share, proxy voting, weighted voting, and prohibition of certain voting. The screen of the voting device will display the shareholder’s name, share quantity, and voting result. The audience polling system uses highly secure 2.4G wireless communication technology and a proprietary two-way communication verification protocol to ensure that every vote can be automatically and accurately calculated and recorded. The voting result will be displayed in real-time on the big screen at the scene, avoiding the risk of manual counting errors and vote tampering. The audience polling system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of voting, making shareholder meetings more open, fair, and just. All voting data can be automatically generated into EXCEL and PDF format reports for instant review, archiving, and verification, while also reducing the workload of meeting recorders and other meeting personnel.

In addition to improving voting efficiency, the audience polling system also greatly enhances the interactivity and participation of the meeting.  Shareholders can freely vote and express their ideas by using voting clickers. As the voting results can be collected quickly and accurately, shareholders can participate in discussions and vote frequently without worrying too much about whether the voting process is too cumbersome or lengthy.

SunVote audience polling system has empowered the smooth and efficient conduct of the Nigerian shareholder meeting. Throughout the meeting, the system runs smoothly and steadily, greatly shortening the meeting period and improving the meeting’s efficiency. After the meeting, the organizers and attending shareholders gave high praise to the audience polling system.

“The advantage of using SunVote audience polling system is that it can automatically calculate the voting results and reduce the workload of staff. At the same time, it provides shareholders with a more convenient and quicker voting experience. In addition, since the system verifies the identity of each shareholder, it effectively prevents the occurrence of invalid votes and voting data fraud, ensuring the fairness and accuracy of the voting.”

“The use of SunVote audience polling system greatly simplifies the voting process, reduces time and trouble associated with manual counting, and also improves the reliability and accuracy of voting, this protecting the rights of our shareholders and enabling us to participate more conveniently and quickly in the company’s management and decision-making.”

SunVote audience polling system streamlines shareholders meetings and transform result efficient. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, digital tools such as voting clickers will play an even more important role in shareholder meetings.

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