Interactive Voting Systems Maximize the Conference Effect and Improve the Efficiency!

On July 18, 2023, the fourth representative assembly of members of the Jiangsu Provincial Registered Tax Agents Association was held in Nanjing. A total of 308 representatives, including industry delegates and specially invited representatives from across the province, attended the conference. The conference successfully passed various reports, agendas, and management measures through electronic voting. A new board of directors and association leadership were elected. SunVote provided professional interactive voting systems, as well as on-site technical support. 

At the venue, each representative was issued a wireless electronic voting keypad. During the sign-in process, representatives can quickly complete the representative registration with a simple press, which help to accurately identify the legitimacy of the number of representatives, and quickly check the quorum. The large screens on both sides of the venue displayed the real-time count of the expected and present attendees. 

During the resolution voting process, the representatives pressed the Yes/No/Abstain buttons on the electronic voting keypad, and the large screens immediately displayed the real-time count of “Yes,” “No” “Abstain,” and “not voted” votes. From the start of the voting process to the announcement of the voting results, it only took a few minutes to complete. There was no need to print, distribute, and collect paper ballots, nor did it require the arrangement of professional workers for manual counting. It was simple efficient, and transparent! Throughout the conference, SunVote interactive voting systems ran stably and smoothly, the anonymous voting fully safeguarded the democratic voting rights of the attending representatives, while greatly improving the efficiency of the meeting and enhancing the transparency of the voting.

In addition to electronic sign-in and three-button voting on resolutions, SunVote interactive voting system also supports functions such as batch voting and candidate elections. These features fully cater to the needs of Government meetings, such as City council meetings, Town meetings voting on resolution voting, and candidate elections.

SunVote interactive voting system has been used stably, reliably and safely for over 20 years. At present, it has been successfully used in more than Chinese 70% of the National People's Congress, and city council meetings in Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia and other countries, and has won a good reputation from customers. This is due to SunVote's excellent product quality, leading and reliable communication technology, powerful system design in line with the conference process, excellence in product polishing and innovation, and professional and meticulous technical support and service guarantee.

In the future, SunVote will continue to forge ahead and continue to provide global users with stable, reliable, economical, and easy-to-use interactive voting system solutions and professional services such as purchase, personalized customization and secondary development.

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