The National Assembly of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) used SunVote audience polling system

Application Scenario: The National Assembly of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) 
Participants 567 participants
Meeting time: 2023

The Italian Red Cross is a nonprofit association dedicated to the public interest and assisting the humanitarian sector’s public authorities. It receives strong support from the President of the Republic. It is recognized as a voluntary rescue and aid company based on the Geneva Conventions and subsequent Additional Protocols, and is part of the national civil protection system. It has over 160,000 volunteers and 675 local committees and operates in the fields of health, emergencies, international cooperation, and youth. 

At the annual conference of the Italian Red Cross held in Roma on October 14, 2013, SunVote audience polling system played an important role. It provided a convenient, accurate, and transparent voting process, greatly improving the efficiency of voting and ensuring that the decisions made at the conference reflected the will of the members. Throughout the conference,  SunVote audience polling system operated smoothly, ensuring fair, secure, efficient, and convenient voting. 

Due to the numerous voting issues involved in the annual conference of the Italian Red Cross, traditional voting methods were labor-intensive, cumbersome, slow in vote counting, and prone to errors in result compilation. However, by using SunVote audience polling system, participants only need to press the buttons on their voting devices (Yes/No/abstain) to complete the voting process, achieving paperless voting. The audience polling system collects votes in real-time and displays the voting results on the big screen immediately, making the number of yes, No, and abstention clear at a glance. After the voting, SunVote audience polling system can generate detailed voting reports, including voting results and statistics. This report can be used for meeting records and future decision-making reference, while also providing members with verification of the voting results. The use of SunVote audience polling system not only saves time, manpower, and resources but also reduces the impact of human factors on voting results, greatly improving the efficiency of the conference.

SunVote audience polling system utilizes 2.4G wireless RF communication technology, with strong anti-interference capability, proprietary closed network, and bidirectional verification mechanism, ensuring secure and reliable communication. A total of 567 participants took part in this conference, and even with Wi-Fi interference on-site, the collection rate of votes exceeded 95%, achieving the expected goals of the conference.

SunVote audience polling system has the following features:

High efficiency. 2000 votes can be reliably collected within 30 seconds, and voting results are available instantly without any waiting.
Accuracy. SunVote audience polling system automatically tallies votes based on preset algorithms, resulting in 100% accurate and reliable results.
Stability. SunVote audience polling system adopts a closed wireless communication protocol that does not rely on network connectivity. With 80 channels for one-key switching and strong anti-interference capability, data transmission is stable and reliable.
Flexibility. SunVote audience polling system supports voting in single or multiple venues, and the system can be easily expanded.
User-friendly. SunVote audience polling system is easy to install with wireless deployment, plug-and-play functionality, and a simple and intuitive software interface. It can be used without professional training.
Fairness. Voting progress and results are presented in real-time on a large screen at the venue, ensuring the fairness and transparency of the voting process.

As the original manufacturer and provider of voting devices and audience polling system solutions, SunVote has accumulated 23 years of product refinement and industry experience. Adhering to the design philosophy of reliability, ease of use, economy, and innovation, SunVote consistently maintains a commitment to reliable quality, efficient service, continuous improvement, and value creation. To date, SunVote has provided reliable products and comprehensive pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services to over 80 countries and regions across 5 continents, earning a good reputation in the industry. 
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