SunVote Audience Response System Used for the China Certified Tax Agents Association’s Representativ

On November 2nd, the 7th National Members’ Representative Conference of the China Certified Tax Agents Association was held in Beijing. A total of 220 representatives attended the conference, where they listened to the work report and financial report of the 6th Board of Directors of the China Certified Tax Agents Association, passed the draft amendments to the constitution, and elected the 7th Board of Directors.

For this election, SunVote provided a professional audience response system, which utilizes modern information technology to provide an electronic voting method, replacing the traditional hand raising and paper voting. Representatives only need to lightly press the “Yes,” “No,” or “Abstain” buttons on the handheld voting keypad to easily complete the voting process. SunVote audience response system collects and tallies votes in real-time, and the voting results are displayed on the big screen in the venue, eliminating errors and inefficiencies associated with manual counting. During the anonymous voting phase, the 220 representatives actively and enthusiastically used the handheld voting devices to express their intentions and exercise their representative rights. After the voting process, the Supervisory Board verified the votes, and the conference ultimately elected 222 Directors, 74 Executive Directors, 1 Supervisor Chairman, and 2 Deputy Supervisor Chairmen for the 7th Board of Directors. Liu Lijian, the former Deputy Director-General of the State Taxation Administration, was elected as the Chairman of the 7th Board of Directors. From the start of the voting to the announcement of the results, the process took less than a minute, significantly improving the efficiency of the voting.

During the search for an audience response system solution, the organizers of the China Certified Tax Agents Association’s Representatives Conference expressed some concerns: How is the vote transmitted and counted? Is the data transmission process stable and reliable? Will all votes be received? What if there is a failure during the voting process? Can the data be recovered? In response to these questions, as the technical support and service provider for this conference, SunVote provided the following answers: 

“Our independently developed audience response system adopts 2.4G wireless radio frequency communication technology and a proprietary closed communication protocol. It does not rely on external networks, and even if encrypted data packets are intercepted, they cannot be deciphered. This technology ensures the reliable collection of voting data to the greatest extent possible. In addition, our audience response system adopts bidirectional data communication verification technology with strong anti-interference capability. In case of wireless interference, there are 32 channels available for switching to ensure stable communication. The audience response system supports anonymous and named voting, which can be flexibly set based on customer requirements. What’s more, SunVote audience response system can collect and tally votes within seconds, displaying the voting results in real-time. With just one click, the voting report can be exported automatically, avoiding the need for manual counting and preventing human errors, saving time and effort. The system has power and connection failure protection functions, so even in the event of emergencies, data loss is not a concern, as the data can be immediately recovered. SunVote audience response system also performs automatic device troubleshooting and rapid replacement to ensure the smooth progress of the conference. Moreover, we provide professional technical support and guarantee services to accompany and support your conference on-site, helping you to successfully hold your conference.”

After the conference, the person in charge of the conference expressed high satisfaction and praise for SunVote audience response system,

Throughout the entire conference, SunVote audience response system operated smoothly and stably. Compared to traditional paper ballots, it improved efficiency and anonymous voting better reflects the representatives’ intentions. If there are voting sessions in future conferences, we will continue to use it.”

SunVote focuses on providing professional, reliable, stable, and user-friendly wireless audience response system solutions for governments and enterprises. It serves more than 70% of the provincial, municipal, county People’s Congress conferences, as well as various political and enterprise conferences, earning praise and recognition from its users due to its excellent products and professional services.

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